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A word of wisdom from Smokey Crabtree to his readers:

“Don’t waste your time trying to order my books from Amazon.com website. You will only be offered used copies of Smokey’s books and at inflated prices. You can save hundreds of dollars on the very same books if you will order the books direct from Smokey’s website at www.smokeycrabtree.com. Amazon.com refuses to buy my books from me wholesale because they are self-published books, therefore, they refuse to stock my new books on their shelves. They have also gone as far as to tell my readers that my books are out of print and can no longer be found when the truth is that I have several thousand copies of each of my books on hand all the time.”
- Smokey Crabtree

So, order from Smokey’s website. This way, your books will be assigned to you in your own name and it will not cost you over $200.00 per copy for a $15 book. Cut the already rich middleman out by saving your money.