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The Legend of Boggy Creek lives on...  



You will enjoy Smokey’s books. His first book titled, “Smokey and the Fouke Monster” tells a most interesting and unusual true story of how the town of Fouke, Arkansas became the center of attention for Monster hunters in the early and mid-seventies but also, how this one mysterious creature’s unwelcomed presence lead to the making of the now infamous movie “The Legend Of Boggy Creek”. The book tells of the risks and pitfalls sometimes associated with the business side of life and how it came to pass that he and the town folk of Fouke found themselves having to deal with forces far more sinister than that of an unknown creature inhabiting their surrounding bottom lands.



Too Close To the Mirror
About the Author -
Smokey worked on the Alaskan Pipeline for three years and was also in the grocery business. There is even a bit of the country music world involved in his story. He raised a family and worked in 18 foreign countries and almost every state in the United States. In the early years of his life, Smokey realized that many of the finer images of life are often hidden from view in the mirror of life when we stand too close to the mirror. He lives in the countryside of southwest Arkansas where he was raised, enjoying nature and the woods he grew up in. Smokey also enjoys fishing, hunting and visiting with friends that he has known all his life. He will still fight for what is right, regardless. Smokey began his story in his first book, “Smokey and the Fouke Monster” published in 1974. At the request of people who have read and enjoyed the first part of his story, he is bringing them up-to-date in this book.


The Man Behind The Legend -
Smokey’s latest book regales us once again with stories from the Sulphur River Bottoms. He weaves down-home wisdom throughout stories of fishing, hunting, welding and growing up in the backwoods of Arkansas. Learn how his father, the man behind Smokey Crabtree, was forced into going against his better judgment just to provide for his family. Imagine the adventures Smokey had with a monkey and a determined beaver. 
Go if you dare into the Sulphur River Bottoms to experience unexplained phenomena still baffling even to Smokey today. Enter the world of Smokey Crabtree – a tough, no-holds-barred welder with deep roots in his community and an undying sense of family.