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The Legend of Boggy Creek lives on...  

Smokey's Souvenirs
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SOLD OUT Monster City T-Shirt SOLD OUT
Price: $15.00 M, L, XL (XXL - $16.00)


Fouke Monster T-Shirt
Price: $15.00 M, L, XL (XXL - 16.00)



Monster City Cap
Price: $9.00




Smokey’s new CD, “The Legend of Smokey Crabtree”, is a collection of six of his main stories. The first story, “Growing up”, tells about catching fish with their bare hands and growing up in the bottoms. The second story, “Fouke Sighting”, talks about the first time the creature was seen in this area. The third story, “Bean Field”, tells about the three toed tracks found in the bean field. The forth story, “Government Trappers”, tells a funny story about the search for the creature. The fifth story, “Creature’s Habits”, tells about the research that was involved in tracking and looking for signs of the Creature. The sixth story, “Skeleton”, gives a description of the skeleton - its height, weight, and the condition of the remains when found. This creature has four toes.
This CD was produced for people that don’t read or have time to read - Truckers, families with children going on long trips, and for the thousands of people that have read Smokey’s books and would rather hear Smokey tell his stories in person. People suggested they would rather have a recording so they can listen over and over again. Legendary song on this CD was written and performed by Red Lane. It’s about  Smokey Crabtree’s life with spoken word and music. It was produced and arranged by Ron Oats for Jes Fin Productions

Booger Mug
Price: $10.00


Booger Shot Glass
Price: $8.00
Smokey's Poster
Price: $15.00

Smokey's CD
Price: $14.00 Plus 4.95 S&H